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Identity Design isn't something that Henna Gaijin is known for most of the time these days, but the truth is I've been doing branding work ever since the magazine publishing days when advertisers started asking me to design advertisements and logos for them.

Next thing I knew I was working with amazing creative minds like Richard Gray (formerly of fst and now of Strength and Honour in the UK) and helping brands like Avis, Bridgestone and Visa with their marketing efforts.

These days I take that experience on set with me for the video work I've done for the likes of ANZ and Microsoft in Asia and I really feel it helps a lot to be able to empathise with their branding goals rather than just do what 'looks good'.

Recently I've been working on a couple of different brands and this one is special to me because it's Grant Rawlinson's new company called 'Powerful Humans'. It's a speaking, life coaching and sales training company that utilises his amazing experience as a Human-Powered adventurer to inspire in an authentic and exciting fashion. And while we wait for the winds to turn so he can try that solo crossing of the Tasman Sea again, it's a fantastic way to keep us both focussed!

For Powerful Humans, we started with the core values of 'Authentic', 'Exciting' and 'Inspirational' then attempted to translate that into logo design, website design, profile photography and all the other collaterals a young company needs to look professional and get off to a running start. You be the judge if we succeeded!

If you want to learn more about Powerful Humans, or if you need an amazing and inspirational speaker for your next company event, go visit Grant at!

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