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We figure that when you surround yourself with inspiring people, the greatness in them rubs off on you. So that's what we make films about – about the everyday people who inspire us by living their dreams and doing what they love. And we hope the magic rubs off on you too.

THE SEA DECIDES – coming soon!

Over four years in the making, 'The Sea Decides' is an extraordinary tale about how far adventurers go to chase their dreams despite the impossible odds nature stacks against them.

Filmed in Singapore, Indonesia, East Timor, Australia and New Zealand, this is an epic story about Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson's attempt to travel entirely by human power from Singapore to New Zealand – a distance of over 12,000km – together with the extraordinary tales of those who went before him. Ultimately though, this story comes down to the brutal, frigid and un-welcoming Tasman Sea – a notorious stretch of water which before this film was made, had only been crossed twice solo by human power. 

Coming soon... watch this space!

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Meet Etson Caminha – a man who grew up in the little town of Los Palos in East Timor. Where money was almost a foreign concept. But also where he made his start as an artist, tattooing his clients with photo-copy ink in exchange for local liquor. Then picking out pieces of trash along the road with his brother to pretend they were musical instruments. It's a story of how adaptable humans are. And how if you have a dream, there is literally nothing standing in your way.

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