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Introducing the MitoQ Tour of NZ!

So following on from yesterday’s post, this is where it all began- at the very northern-most point of New Zealand where 6 x 50+ men began their epic cycling journey that will eventually take them the full length of Aotearoa! This is an ongoing project that will take us over a year to complete - following and filming the guys and making a series of documentary-style videos that will not only showcase the guys and their amazing journey, but also the benefits of MitoQ - a breakthrough New Zealand #mitochondrialhealth supplement that helps all of us over 40 keep our energy levels up and recover faster by charging up our mitochondria. It’s a fantastic product, a great project and we are just loving it! More to come! #mitochondria #cycling #newzealand #adventure #getmoreoutoflife #liveyourbestlife

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