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And we're off again!

It seems an age since I started filming Grant 'Axe' Rawlinson back in Singapore in late 2016. At first it was filming him and Charlie Smith as they prepared for their world-first row from Singapore to Australia. Then I was following Axe across Australia as he cycled clear across that continent from Darwin to Coffs Harbour. And then there was the first, ill-fated attempt at crossing the Tasman solo in his rowing boat, Simpson's Donkey (in which he was blown and battered around by the Tasman Sea until he found dry land again at Ballina on the Far North coast of New South Wales).

And so now it begins again. Because now Axe has decided that to give himself the best chance possible at becoming the first person to travel completely by human power all the way from Singapore to New Zealand, he's got to get about 1500km south from Ballina to a place called Eden on the far south coast of New South Wales.

From there, sometime later this year, he'll try to catch the winds across the Tasman in Simpson's Donkey and smash this expedition for good!

So yesterday we started again. Under the big prawn at Ballina – on a bright sunny day. What's ahead of him, I'm not sure, but Henna Gaijin is following and filming as always - it's time to hit the road!


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