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The Sea Decides – A Henna Gaijin original!

It's with great joy that we're proud to announce that Henna Gaijin Studio's first feature film – THE SEA DECIDES – has now been completed and has also been selected to premiere at Doc Edge 2021 – New Zealand's (and arguably Australasia's) biggest and most influential documentary film festival.

THE SEA DECIDES is the story of Human-Powered adventurer Grant Rawlinson's epic 12,000km attempt to row and cycle from Singapore to New Zealand, mixed in with the inspirational tales of the extraordinary father and son pair of Colin and Shaun Quincey who were at the time of filming the only two people to have ever crossed the Tasman Sea solo by human-power. And also Scott Donaldson, who during filming became the first person to ever kayak solo across the Tasman Sea.

But most of all, it is Rawlinson's story – of a world-first row from Singapore to Australia with rowing partner Charlie Smith – of an epic 4000km bike ride across the Outback of Australia from Darwin to Coffs Harbour – and then an epic battle with the Tasman Sea which will at times make you wince and wonder how far you would go for ambition.

Whether he made it or not, we'll leave for you to find out by watching the film! But ultimately, what Rawlinson's story became was one of inspiration, ambition, success, failure and a timely reminder that we humans are powerless against the forces of nature.

It's a real honour to have been selected for Doc Edge and we'll be forever grateful for the experience the team have given us in allowing us to premiere Henna Gaijin Studio's first feature film at the festival. And we also think it's a fitting and fantastic reward for five years of hard work, not just filming it, but also writing, producing, editing, colour-grading, sound designing... the list of tasks seemed endless at times! But now we can say we've made it and we've even got some screening dates to prove it!

So – if you're in New Zealand in June, then we'd love to see you along at one of the screenings at Doc Edge. The dates and times are:

THE SEA DECIDES @ Doc Edge 2021

SkyCity Theatre, Auckland – 6 June, 7.15pm – WORLD PREMIERE!

The Roxy, Wellington – 20 June, 6.30pm

And if you can't make either of those dates, the online festival will be on from 21 June until 11 July when you can catch a viewing of the film on your own screen.

And lastly – if you haven't yet - check out the film's trailer above and the website at for all the back-story, behind-the-scenes footage and photos, bios on all the cast and crew and much, much more!

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